What is Restaurant Management Software?

Restaurant management software is designed to help users manage their food service joint. Some solutions like point of sale (POS) systems have features related to customer interactions, but more often this type of software focuses on behind-the-scenes processes such as accounting, inventory management, and employee scheduling.

Restaurant management software enables restaurant owners and managers to organize back office operations. These apps are used by restaurant employees to keep track of orders, payroll, inventory, and analytics. Managers and owners can use these products to compare business practices at multiple locations, simplify the on-boarding process for new employees, and monitor employee effectiveness. Start by checking our leader Toast POS, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Restaurant Management Software

Top 10 Most Popular Restaurant Management Software

Toast POS reviews
Toast POS

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 98%

Toast POS is a winner of our Expert's Choice Award for 2018. It's a software system that enables you to take your restaurant business to new heights. Read Reviews

TouchBistro reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 95%

TouchBistro is an award-winning iPad POS system that allows you to increase sales, improve service, and make better business decisions. Read Reviews

Simpra RMS reviews
Simpra RMS

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Simpra RMS is a cloud-based restaurant management software that's loaded with powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient features. Read Reviews

BlueCart reviews

Our Score 8.4

User Satisfaction 98%

BlueCart is an all-in-one hospitality industry procurement tool and CRM solution. Read Reviews

Form.com Restaurant Inspection reviews
Form.com Restaurant Inspection

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

An intelligent and dynamic online and mobile restaurant inspection software for data collection. Read Reviews

MarketMan reviews

Our Score 8.3

User Satisfaction 100%

MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory and supply management system designed specifically for restaurants and supply chains. Read Reviews

Oracle Hospitality reviews
Oracle Hospitality

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 96%

Oracle Hospitality is designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry leverage today’s technologies to streamline operations and elevate the guest experience. Read Reviews

Zomato Base reviews
Zomato Base

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 100%

A cloud-based POS solution that lets restaurants manage operations from a single platform. Read Reviews

OpenTable reviews

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 92%

Opentable is a reliable cloud-based restaurant management tool which is part of the Priceline Group suite. Read Reviews

Clover reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 99%

Clover is an integrated POS software that is designed to offer business support to small and medium restaurants. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software can be used by restaurant owners and employees to manage the operations of their food service establishment. But how do you select the best restaurant management software solution from the numerous good quality platforms available in the market? To help you make informed comparisons, we have prepared this detailed buyer’s guide which tells you the features and factors to look for in your search.

Get to know each product with free trial

The ideal way to start is to sign up for the free trials or demo offered by the best restaurant management software providers. This will help you to learn about the main features of each application and understand if it is the right fit for your needs. You can start by visiting the websites of these top restaurant management programs to find out if they offer a free trial: TouchBistroToast POSOrdyx, and Breadcrumb POS. These tools have received impressive rankings in our restaurant management software reviews. You can also read our comparison articles to understand the strengths and drawbacks of leading apps in this category.

Targeted Businesses

Restaurant management software can be used by restaurant owners and managers to organize back office operations. These tools are used by restaurant employees to manage business processes and daily operations.

Examples of Restaurant Management Software

  • COMCASH: Offers a completely integrated retail accounting system that simplifies the management of your complex distributed organization. All aspects of conventional bookkeeping tasks are optimized for retail companies.
  • TouchBistro POS: This app is specifically designed for your food service business. TouchBistro offers an easy and smart iPad-based POS solution for restaurants, bars, cafes, and more.
  • Toast POS: An all-in-one POS and restaurant management platform. Create the best guest experience, improve operations, and boost sales with this solution.
  • Ordyx: Ordyx Standard from Ordyx POS is a cloud-based system designed for restaurants and bars. The solution allows users to stay connected to their business from anywhere around the world.
  • Breadcrumb POS: Runs on the Upserve restaurant platform, connecting payments and offering rich insights. This app is simple yet powerful and provides more than 100 features for bar and restaurant owners.

Types of Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software is available in two types: Solutions such as HotSchedules are best-of-breed apps that cater to one specific need. Comprehensive suites such as PeachWorks are designed to take care of all aspects related to restaurant management.

Key Features of Restaurant Management Software

  • POS integration – Gather sales data from your POS solution and monitor how it impacts other areas of your restaurant.
  • Logbook – Create to-do lists, take notes, store customer feedback, and collaborate with other users.
  • Accounting – Organize your general ledger, compare financials versus budget, and produce reports.
  • Recipe management – Create and manage recipes based on inventory, set menu prices, and evaluate historical trends.
  • Inventory management – Keep track of your stock levels and generate custom reports.
  • Labor management – Create and organize employee schedules, calculate labor expenses, and manage compliance with regulations.

Benefits of Restaurant Management Software

Using a dedicated software solution to manage your restaurant offers a host of benefits compared to utilizing Excel spreadsheets or paper processes. These benefits include:

Accurate forecasting

Restaurant management solutions use historical data to give accurate forecasts of future sales, inventory needs, and other factors. You can analyze your numbers and view them in multiple ways to discover new trends.

Less number of errors

The software flags entries that look suspicious and also creates audit trails to give your accurate and complete information.

Enhanced flexibility

Cloud-based programs allow anytime, anywhere access from any internet-ready device. You can switch an employee’s schedule or generate reports from home or outside.

More effective communication

Individual user logins keep your employees updated with the information and tasks related to them. Automated reminders can ensure employees do not forget about their shift schedules and timings.

Minimizes duplicate entry

You don’t have to transfer labor expenses and inventory numbers manually into your accounting ledger as restaurant management systems can do it automatically. Plus, seamless integration between business systems ensures you don’t have to enter data twice, saving a lot of time.

Latest Trends

Investments in new technology

Similar to other sectors, the restaurant industry has also benefited from emerging innovative tools and technologies that bolster business practices. For example, SaaS solutions are more flexible and less expensive compared to conventional systems. Plus, they provide remote access and management capabilities.

Mobile POS

Restaurants are using mobile POS because owners realize that inefficient ordering processes impact customer service. A mobile POS solution helps servers to send orders to the kitchen instantly and accurately. This reduces the errors between servers and the kitchen and bar, as well as general errors.

Potential Issues

Waste of time

POS systems can sometimes huge time wasters and take chefs and managers away from the main task of service to the guest. Perpetual recipe/inventory solutions need a lot of work for setup and data entry and abound with glitches. They are not useful to small restaurants and are more suitable for large resort/convention hotels that host multiple food and beverage outlets.

Expensive systems

Restaurant management POS systems can be expensive for small outlets as you need to shell out a lot of money for installation, setup, and training. Service contracts are costly and you need to pay extra for service/tech support which may cost hundreds of dollars per hour. Thus, these systems can be too expensive for small chef- or family-owned operations and are more suitable for large restaurants.

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